Rosalie has been at PPI since 1990, has an M.ED in Guidance & Counseling from Xavier University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has specialized abilities in helping persons with chronic and acute illness, having worked in a hospital setting for twenty years. She is skilled and experienced in helping individuals and families work through grieving arising from various kinds of losses.

Building on her many years experience administering international boarding schools in Italy & Switzerland, she is able to work effectively with adolescents and college students and their families. Since she is fluent in six languages , she can be particularly helpful in multi-cultural situations.

Rosalie engages individuals & couples as they are confronting difficult transitions in their journey through life. She believes that every individual has the ability to change & transform their lives through personal reflection, exploration of internal resources & attending to critical choices.

Contact Rosalie at 513.791.5990 ext. 101.