Judy is a licensed counselor with supervisory endorsement and has over 30 years of counseling, consulting, and training experience.

Judy aligns with clients’ mental preferences, values, emotional and spiritual strengths, and collaborates with clients on goals to improve quality of life. She deeply listens to clients’ pain and blocks in a non-judging, therapeutic relationship, helping clients experience trust, hope, and motivation to grow. Renewed thinking, healing, and transformative energy are enabled, supporting healthy problem-solving, decision-making, mood and behavior changes.

Judy holds a Master of Arts from the University of Cincinnati, and certification from the Xavier University Endorsement Program in Clinical Counseling. She has specialized training in Whole Brain Dominance, PREP/marriage enrichment through the University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family Studies, and career/life change and talent management from various experts in the field.

Judy is a Christian who honors diverse faith perspectives, as well as cultural, racial, and ethnic identities. She believes that God’s unconditional love is the definitive factor in accomplishing favorable outcomes in therapeutic relationships. Judy is a member of the PPI Consulting Team, available to speak, facilitate groups, and lead retreats.

Contact Judy at 513.791.5990 ext. 103 or at