Dick is the Clinical/Training Director of Professional Pastoral-Counseling Institute, Inc. and the principal founder in 1983. He has been in practice since 1958, is a Diplomate in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the State of Ohio.  He has been an Association for Clinical Pastoral and Education Supervisor and currently supervises counselors and pastors in their ministry individually and in groups. A former adjunct faculty member with The Athenaeum of Ohio, he taught in their graduate program in pastoral counseling. An ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, he is ecclesiastically endorsed by the U.M.C. for the ministry of pastoral counseling.

Dick has experience in working with the most difficult situations in trauma and wounds to the spirit from earliest childhood. Read his articles “Powers: Coming and Going“,  “Holiday Humbugs“, and “Trauma Forgotten/Trauma Remembered” reprinted from PPImprints, the Journal of The Professional Pastoral-Counseling Institute. Other foci of his work are persons confronted with physical disabilities and assisting couples in conflict regulation and enrichment.

Read his articles:

Book Review: “Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome” by Reba Riley
Book Review: “Four Things Women Want From A Man” by A.R. Bernard

Contact Dick at 513.791.5990 ext. 105.