In a supportive atmosphere, Darcy assists clients through challenges preventing them from having the lives and relationships they long for. Her clients develop skills that end the painful cycle of reacting, accusing and defending. Over time, the skills create positive change in their relationships with partners/spouses, family of origin, children, friends, and colleagues. Darcy is open to work with people of all ethnicities and spiritual perspectives, the full range of sexual and gender expression, those recovering from addiction and codependency, and people living with anxiety and depression.

Darcy completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at UC Berkeley and UCLA in the fields of English and English as a second language. She earned her Master of Counseling at the University of Phoenix. In 2015-16, she completed post-graduate clinical counseling courses at Xavier University. As a licensed professional counselor and certified Imago relationship therapist, Darcy is qualified to assist clients interested in evolving healthier relationships with themselves and others.

As humans, we long for authentic connection with ourselves and one another. But we can’t do it alone. Like most truly significant life achievements, opening up to authentic connection is a team effort. It works best when one human reaches out for assistance from another.

Contact Darcy at 513.791.5990 ext. 128.