IMG_8582Cathy is a Client Services Representative at Professional Pastoral-Counseling Institute concentrating on customer service, insurance billing issues and general running of the office. She has been at PPI for twenty-five years doing client billing, insurance filing, greeting new clients and helping prospective clients find a therapist within PPI. She has worked in various customer service arenas over the past 45 years in the business world, churches and the medical field.

Cathy works closely with her office mate, Tina Bolin, striving to be sure that things are done in a timely, accurate way and that clients feel welcome and comfortable at PPI.

Reading, theatre, classical music, travel and cooking are some of Cathy’s varied interests. She was born in Virginia, raised in Pennsylvania and lived in four other states before moving to Ohio. Cincinnati has been her home for 26 years.

Contact Cathy at 513.791.5990 ext. 100.