Bill has been licensed as a Psychologist in Ohio since 1974, receiving his Ph.D. in 1978. Since then he has conducted therapy with a wide variety of client problems in various settings.  This included twelve years at another local pastoral counseling center.

He specializes in children and teenagers with emotional and behavioral problems, and adults with marital conflicts, anxiety disorders, addictions and stress-related physical symptoms.  (Read his article “Transforming Stress Through Living in the Present”.) He also works with teens and young adults having a first or early psychotic breakdown.

He works from an experiential-relationship orientation, focusing on the person’s relationship with self, others, the natural world, and the spiritual dimension of these.  He supports the client as he or she develops a clearer sense of needs and wants, and helps them be more aware of their effective and ineffective ways of seeking satisfaction.  Bill suggests “experiments”, both during and between sessions, for the client to freshly sense patterns they may engage in unconsciously, as well as to see what new patterns feel like.  Overall, his approach involves discovering one’s life direction in a vivid, here-and-now, directly-felt way rather than through “head knowledge” alone.

From his Quaker faith he brings an openness to the breath of the Spirit.  Clients are invited to draw on and deepen their own spiritual roots as part of healing and learning in therapy.

Read his articles:
Transforming Stress Through Living in the Present

Contact Bill at 513.791.5990 ext. 141.