Fall Faith Leader’s Lunch

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

For all faith leaders who want to better help
people in mental or emotional distress
This gathering is a time to learn about identifying your members mental health needs, and how to support them receiving the help they need. It will include lecture, resource materials, and time for discussion.
This luncheon will include a review of clinical depression, and the signs of this debilitating mental illness, to be able to distinguish it from normal sadness and grieving. And there will be suggestions for caring action.
Lunch is provided. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or vegan.
We will discuss four stages of support for a depressed person:
  1. Recognize: What are the signs and patterns of mental health disorders vs. emotional issues.
  2. Respond: practical tools responding to those with mental health difficulties and their families.
  3. Referral: building an effective resource for professional care and intervention.
  4. Restore: knowing the recovery process and supportive role.
“Depression” means literally ‘being forced downwards.’ This can happen even when you don’t consciously have any feeling at all of being ‘on top.’ There is a hidden intention in depression. It “forces us downwards.” This is not, as it might sound, a punishment for arrogance, but rather a consequence of having become cut off from the human, spiritual part of ourselves.
We will consider the very real distinction between sadness or grief, and clinical depression that is best relieved by professional therapeutic support. We will discuss the best practice for referral, respecting the person and their families. We will give you a handout of resources in our community. And we will discuss how to take care of our selves, our families and our congregations when we are caring for someone who is depressed.