Spring Pastor’s Lunch

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This will be a time to learn about identifying the congregant’s mental health needs, and how to support them receiving the help they need. It will include lecture, resource materials, and time for discussion.
For all clergy and seminarians who want to be able to help people in mental or emotional distress.

We will discuss four stages of support for a person in mental or emotional distress:

1. Recognize: What are the signs and patterns of mental health disorders vs. emotional issues.

2. Respond: practical tools responding to those with mental health difficulties and their families.

3. Referral: building an effective resource for professional care and intervention.

4. Restore: knowing the recovery process and supportive role.

We will consider the very real distinction between emotions such as sadness or grief, and clinical issues that are best relieved by professional therapeutic support.

We will discuss the best practice for referral, respecting the person and their families.

We will give you a handout of resources in our community.

If you remember a time you were concerned about doing the right thing, or if you have a current circumstance, there will be time to discuss it and share our experiences and wisdom.

Bring your lunch if you wish! A variety of drinks will be provided.

Limited to 17 participants.

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