Faith Leader’s Lunch

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

For all faith leaders who want to better help
people in mental or emotional distress

This gathering is a time to learn about identifying your members’ mental health needs, and how to support them to receive the help they need. Our time together will include a presentation, time to learn from peers and professionals, and to enlarge your network of faith leaders.

This gathering will include a review of Complicated Grief, which impacts even the most faithful people in your congregation. It is not a failure of faith, it is a mental disturbance caused by external circumstances leaving the person as if stuck in stone, unable to move.

People of faith have excellent resources to live through grief. It can even be an opportunity for transformation for the grievers. However, the circumstances of the loss, and the mental health of the grievers, can interfere with the normal process of grief. When complications impede the normal grief process, the person may get stuck in depression, anxiety, or physiological problems like poor sleep or appetite. Care givers can be watchful for signs of such complications, and can assess when a referral to professional support is appropriate.

Lunch is provided. You will be able to choose the meat, or vegetarian, vegan, or wish for low carb food.

There will be time during our gathering for mutual support through stories and we will offer self-care suggestions.