Introduction to Internal Family Systems Model (IFS):
Theory, Practice, Applications

Presented by Linda B. Fabe, M.Ed., LPCC

Friday, January 25, 2019

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), also known as Parts-Work, is a highly effective, leading edge, evidence-based therapy used for shifting problem behaviors and healing emotional wounds. Founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz in the 1980s, IFS has been coming into increasingly popular use over the past 20 years. It is non-pathologizing and highly effective in terms of making important changes in both behavior and emotions.

IFS is used for most of the behavioral and psychological issues that bring people into therapy including trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, anger, co-dependence and addictions.

The IFS perspective of the human psyche is that we are all made up of different “parts” – voices or energies – also known as “sub-personalities”. Parts fall into two categories: (1) “exiles” that hold unprocessed vulnerabilities and pain and (2) “protectors”, which exist to protect us from painful emotions, help us to function, and may be extreme and contribute to counter-productive behaviors. We also each have the resource of our core “Self”, or undamaged essence. The Self is calm, grounded, compassionate and curious, and is a source of healing in IFS.

The goals of IFS are to: a. Heal and transform wounded exile parts; b. shift protectors that operate in extreme, counter-productive ways to healthier behaviors; c. enable people to lead from “Self” rather than being led by unhealthy, extreme parts.

This workshop will use lecture, guided visualization, drawing, case examples and demonstration.


  • Understand the IFS theory of how the psyche works
  • Describe the basic process of how therapeutic change works in the IFS model
  • Describe and use the four key beginning IFS skills, applying them to working with an IFS Protector part
  • Experience and understand the IFS skill of building a relationship between a part and Self
  • Understand how the IFS model applies to various therapeutic issues

Facilitator: Linda B. Fabe, M.Ed., LPCC
Linda B. Fabe, is a Professional Clinical Counselor with Oasis Coaching and Counseling, her private practice. She works with individuals, couples and groups using an integrative approach which incorporates the IFS model. Linda is a Level II IFS Training Program graduate, and has been a member of a monthly IFS case consultation group facilitated by IFS therapist and author, Jay Earley. She also has advanced training as a participant and intern in the two year Couples, Families and Small Systems Training Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Linda has been leading seminars, helping clients, and personally benefiting from the process of self-love and emotional healing for 20 years, which are key components of IFS.

3 Ethics CEUs for Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists

CSWMFT Board Approval # 20-632987

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$48 for Students and Clergy
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