Darcy is a Licensed Professional Counselor, as well as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. For much of her life, Darcy has been deeply engaged in the study of human relationships, both professionally and personally. The spirituality embedded in 12-Step recovery and Imago Relationship Therapy influence Darcy’s counseling.

Darcy’s approach to counseling is one of walking along side fellow travelers on the path of living life according to one’s deepest values. It has been her experience that we humans accomplish very little of lasting value on our own. We need each other and are inextricably connected to one another, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Darcy’s skills are well-suited to anyone who senses there is more to life than they are currently experiencing, particularly in enjoying the significant relationships in their lives, including their relationship with themselves and the God of their understanding.

Professionally, Darcy completed her undergraduate and initial graduate studies at UC Berkeley and UCLA, and earned her Master’s in counseling at the University of Phoenix. Most recently, she continued her education through advanced clinical courses in mental health counseling at Xavier University.

To make an appointment with Darcy, please call 513 791-5990, extension 128.