Metaphor and Moment

by John V. Carlson, M.Div.  It was one of those sultry August days too hot for cutting the grass, but somehow not too hot for golf. Somewhere on the back nine l was sitting in the cart waiting for my playing partner to hit, and it happened. On black wing spotted with dots of a… Read More

Compliance Simplified

Presented by Sandy Morgenthal, M.Ed., PCC-S, CCFC Friday, January 10, 20201:00-4:30p Documentation is required of all clinicians; a task that must be done. Knowing the requirements and learning a meaningful approach to the work of creating and maintaining client records doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. If one’s attitude toward mathematics is,… Read More

James Thomas Binder, MD

I am a semi-retired pediatrician and psychiatrist. I have treated couples and families since the early 1990s. I now work exclusively with couples. I love helping couples make changes and improve their relationships. I have trained in the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy with Ellyn Bader. This approach integrates attachment theory, differentiation principles and neuroscience… Read More

Powers: Coming and Going

by Dick Donnenwirth, LPCC-S Several nights ago, I dreamt I was being chased by a group of “bad” motorcyclists. There seemed to be no way I could elude them. They were able to follow me into the most improbable places and spaces: up steep cliffs, atop tables, between pillars, etc. Finally, a group of “good”… Read More